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I promised a more in-depth post on Dwell on Design… and a month later, here we are! Things have been insanely busy, and I’m doing a lot of juggling, but it’s times like these that a) make you stronger, b) make you realize how great your friends are, and c) how awesome Starbucks is 😉
Anywho, I just wanted to highlight some of my favorite vendors and their products from the 2011 Dwell on Design show. Enjoy the eye candy (and the sassy titles… that’s what happens when I blog at 6am.)

Got Wood?

Ok, so I really just wanted to say that in a post. The thing is, wood-related decor other than flooring was super popular this year, from faux bois tables to literal faux wood. Wood was everywhere.

First up, Faux Bois by George Sacaris Studio


Literally bring “wood” into your apartment with these mod statement pieces. I’m totally in love with the stump side table and giant stump tables in the mirror polish. It’s like being out in nature, but with air conditioning and no icky bugs!


Next up: Tema Home

Tema Home has amazing, super high quality furniture. I don’t remember if this was on display, but my favorite thing from their catalogue is this absolutely gorgeous sideboard. I saw it and literally gasped. I suppose someone handy with a jigsaw could diy it, but the only thing I can diy with a jigsaw (I think?) is an amputated finger.


Call me crazy, but the combination of the white + wood + cutouts totally does it for me. Also, this kind of cutout motif is showing up EVERYWHERE– laser cut suede skirts at Neiman Marcus, pretty cutout invitations at Papersource, it’s a big deal right now.


Faux Bois goes mod via Bobby Berk Home (by Gus Modern)

So, Bobby has been a Twitter friend of mine– ever since I gave him crap about sending me an auto DM– and I was elated to get to meet him and spend a few brief minutes with him at DoD. Sadly, no picture, but he’s so fun and so fab, it was great. When I went to his booth, I was hoping to see one of the A.MA.ZING. Queen of Love Chairs that they’ve become renowned for. Sadly, no queenie chair for me, buuuut I pretty much died when I saw this piece:

gus-modern-bobby-berk gus modern timber table bobby berk

Hellooooo, lover! It’s called the Timber Table by Gus Modern and I can’t get enough of it (or stop dreaming about how it would look next to my soon-to-be-charcoal-gray-sofa. Love. Love. Love. And Bobby has absolutely amazing products in his store… now he just needs to open one in LA!


Get it Up!

Like I said… it’s 6am, you get sassy titles. That said, “get it up” refers to the process of putting up wallpaper. (clever, right?) At Dwell, there were some unbelievable wallpaper vendors. If you’re anything like me, you hear wallpaper and you tend to think granny florals, awkward rooster borders in kitchens, or awesomely bad 80’s geo prints. Well, be prepared to have your mind blown, y’all.

Designer Wallcoverings

The first wallpaper store I came across at Dwell, Chloe from Designer Wallcoverings totally had me at hello. They’re based in Sherman Oaks (yay local!) and have the most amazing variety. I want to wallpaper everything now. Finn, watch your back, kitty.

coo coo Designer Wallcoverings

analog nights tulip

wallpaper-clouds sunshine

trina turk peacock

trina turk chevron













They have so many more amazing patterns, you just have to check out their site. I’m hoping to tour their warehouse and check out some of their new products soon!


Astek Inc.

First off, I have to say thank you to Themla from Astek for putting up with my complete fan girl reaction. I kinda went all gushy and squealy and touchy-feely when I saw their amazing products. Trust me, you would have too. Secondly, they’re LOCAL. I like buying local when I can afford to, and these guys are based right in Van Nuys, which pretty much rocks my world. Thirdly… well… check this stuff out:

Astek Flocked Wallpaper




They also have “animal skin” wallpaper, self-adhesive wallpaper, eco-friendly and wood woven wallpaper… and the coolest thing about Astek? Is you can upload your own design and have it DIGITALLY PRINTED. Yup, your very own custom wallpaper. How insane is that?!


Ooh, and I have to mention Hold it Home again. I posted a picture from their booth in my preview, but I’ve been browsing (obsessively) their site and they carry some amazing things from brands like Umbra (a perennial favorite of mine), BluDot (furniture I’m buying when I get rich), and FLOR’s fashionable floor tiles. I now have a special place in my heart for Hold It… sigh.


I think that’s about it for now, except for these pics with the totally fab Richard Morales from BluePRintBrands (and the equally fab but unpictured Christian May, the genius behind Maison 21— must read!) annnnndd of course, the requisite super cute pic with Morgan and DG. These people rock my world. Get to know them!


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