{Showing Up}- Camp Mighty

I posted a while back about working harder to “show up” and be present for every.single.moment of my life, good and bad. I had a rough night last night and this morning… and realized that as much as I’ve been busy, I haven’t been present. 
So when I got the email about Camp Mighty, saying that I got off the waiting list, I knew it was something I needed to do. Here’s what their site says about their philosophy:

Camp Mighty is a retreat for people who like to make cool stuff. If you’re one of those people, you should come. We can talk about getting good at life. We’re here to live better…get smarter…do gooder.

Camp Mighty is a weekend structured around skills. The objective is to improve your life until it cannot be further improved.

I took a big fatty leap of faith and I registered for Camp Mighty. As of right now, I have no room, no guaranteed carpool (though I can always drive) and the biggest issue- no idea how I can afford it. My ticket was $307, and each team member has to raise $200 for the AMAZING charity project, Charity Water.

It’s Camp Mighty or bust… and I’m doing something kind of crazy . I’m reaching out to you, friendlies of the blogosphere and interwebs. What can you do and what do you get out of it?

  • You can hire me. I’m providing a 20% discount on all services booked for Nov 1-Dec 15.  Yup, I’m pretty much giving away the milk for free here. I’ll design tshirts, websites, logos, business cards, swag, facebook landing pages… you name it. I’m also offering blog posts and social media account setup/development. You just have to email me and we’ll set up a contract beginning sometime between Nov 1- Dec 15! 
  • You can buy ad space. I’m offering 3 months for $75… which includes a sponsored post every month and of course, sidebar space. It also includes twitter and facebook shoutouts- and with a kickass Klout score of 69, that’s a great added bonus.

And the coolest option: you can choose to donate or

straight-up sponsor me. 

  • for sponsors over $100, I’ll design a custom piece of apparel and wear it for one day at Camp Mighty– I’m thinking I’ve got enough space for a tote bag, 3 days of shirts (lots of real estate there!) and maybe even yoga pants for workouts and night hangout sessions. I can also create a vinyl laptop decal that everyone will be seeing, as I’m practically attached at the hip to my laptop. There will be some BIG bloggers there– what better way to get your brand name out?! I’ll also do followup blog posts for either my blog (including your logo, of course!) or for your own company blog about what I learned at the conference and how it can be applied to your particular industry.
Leave a comment or email me if you’re at all interested. Not only will you be helping me, you’ll be helping Charity Water (the more money I raise, the more I can spend time fundraising for them!) and you’ll be getting design, blogging, or big time publicity out of it.
So. What are you waiting for?

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