30 Things to do FOR Yourself

You’ve probably seen the post that’s gone viral lately, titled “30 things to stop doing to yourself” via Marc and Angel Hack Life. However, I’ve been working lately to reverse all that icky negative self-talk that y’all know I do so well 😉 Part of that means that I’ve been doing affirmations, essentially replacing negative self talk with positive commentary on how I envision my life eventually being. So when I read the 30 things post I loved it… and wanted to turn it around into 30 Things I COULD be doing for myself. (Get it? Positive thinking ftw!) And because I love you guys so much, I thought I’d make a little downloadable list that you can print out, hang up, and remind yourself of the awesome things you can do to improve your life.
Click on the picture for the download page on Scribd.

30 things to do for yourself lly designs


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