So, my blog might be a disaster, I feel like I’m getting sick, and I’m travelling yet AGAIN this weekend. But I am SO SO SO thankful for a couple really amazing people in my life right now who have kept me from running/falling/jumping off the deep end, and one of them (even though she won’t really know it til this post goes up) is Amy, whom I mentioned yesterday in my Toyota post. So thanks, Amy, for that. What made me think of Amy is that this post is actually Halloween related, and I happened to be trying out PicMonkey’s Halloweenifysnazyish feature earlier… well, here’s what happened.

Picasso, I am not.

Speaking of Halloween though, I DO have some cool news that  IS designed a bit better than I did with that semi-heinous hack job up there (sorry, girl.) I’ve got a super fun printable linky mclinkerson whathaveyou over on Alissa’s blog RagstoStitches, AND the really big news (sort of) is that it’s basically the precursor to the first brand new printable set on my Storenvy store that I FINALLY set up and have running! It’s not totally prettified and “ME” yet, but it’s getting there! Do me a favor and go check it out, will ya? I’d love to hear what you think.

I know the designs are a lot more cutesy than my normal stuff, but sometimes it’s nice to be all cute and girly once in a while 😉 The picture below is a preview of the Halloween printable set, and it’ll also take you straight to the store (no purchase necessary, not an affiliate link, blah blah. Just go and make me happy, yeah? Me ruv you rong time.)

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