Thanksgiving Printable Freebie!

While I’m very thankful for everything I learned at Mighty, I needed to put those posts on hold for a bit and reflect for a bit more… and I also wanted to offer something fun to all of you for Thanksgiving tomorrow…
I originally designed these fun little printable Mason Jar topper freebies for Alissa at Rags to Stitches but I thought that with Thanksgiving being tomorrow and all, some of you might want them as well! Suuuuper easy to use- just click on the picture to download the zipped file. Print at 100% on either regular paper and glue on or (super secret awesome trick) print onto sticker paper* so you can just pop ’em on to jars… or tupperware containers, baggies, cute containers from the dollar tree… I could go on forever. Sticker paper is ah-may-zing. If you’re going that route,  test the printing out first on regular cheapy paper, just to make sure the labels will fit fully onto the paper with the way the margins are set up on your printer (I’d suggest just bumping your margins to 0″ in Acrobat if you can.) It’ll cut off some of the text and my watermark, but that’s not important.

The best part is, these freebies were designed to coordinate with a huuuge printable set in my etsy store that includes everything from a banner to toppers, drink flags, to placecards, more leftover labels and waterbottle wrappers- lots of woodsy fun! So if you’re still searching for that little bit of decoration to add to your Thanksgiving table, this could be exactly what you need. Plus, it’s just plain cute, if I do say so myself 😉 Just be sure to order soon so I can get it all sent off to you in enough time for you to print and cut it out before turkey time tomorrow.

So to recap- Mason Jar Labels: TOTALLY FREE DOWNLOAD below! // Entire Woodsy Thanksgiving Printable Set: now just $15 in my Etsy shop! Turkey (or tofurkey, if you’re into that kind of thing) for everyyyyone!

mason jar freebies llydesigns

And in case you wanted a preview, here’s a peek at what the whole printable set contains (click on that to go to my etsy store):

llydesigns woodsy thanksgiving printables


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