Gift Guide- Ampersand Obsessed

Designers are strange people. Combine a designer with a writer/English major and you have someone, aka me, who has a favorite punctuation mark for the design (ampersand, obviously) and one for the function and the name (interrobang! Look it up, it’s a real thing.) That being said, it seemed like so many people enjoyed the ampersand bottle opener in my Gift Guide for Design Fanatics that I decided it would be a public service to create a gift guide entirely to ampersands… having nothing to do with my own love for the mark, of course. So here it is, go forth and shop! I’m off to try to convince myself that I really don’t need any punctuation tattoos in the near future…linzlovesyou-ampersands-gift-guide
1. Giant Ampersand Shirt via Etsy- because what better way to display your love for a punctuation mark than to emblazon it across your chest?
2. Premium Aluminum Ampersand via Ugmonk- A little pricy for the size, but still gorgeous. If I had a mantle, this baby would be front and center on it.
3. Ampersand Coasters via Etsy- Ok, these are TOO COOL. Each coaster has an ampersand and below it, the name of the classic font that the ampersand is from (Rockwell Bold, Mrs Eaves Bold, Goudy Old Style and Helvetica Bold). How awesome is that? You can also get them in all black, all white, or 2+2. I need to get a coffee table just to get these coasters and the next item coming up which is…
4. Ampersand Melamine Platter via Etsy- entertain your guests with your best food and drink, or just your typographic good taste with this super affordable (and BPA-free!) platter. Love.
5. Ampersand Cutting Board via House Industries- sexy and practical, just like I like my men… er, my kitchen items. I’m just gonna leave it at that before I digress into got wood? jokes… 😉

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