Gift Guide- Crazy Cat Ladies

As the gift guides started rolling out this year, I couldn’t help but feel a teensy bit nostalgic for last year’s epic monster of a gift guide. Granted, it almost killed us to get it done and published, but it was kinda fun browsing through pretty shiny things and helping suggest great holiday gifts. So in lieu of a 200+ page guide this year, I thought I’d just do a couple mini holiday gift guides for kicks, starting with a topic I’m somewhat familiar with… what to get your resident Crazy Cat Lady.
Note: I only have one cat, and therefore have not yet (by most standard definitions) reached the “crazy cat lady stage”. I am still an eligible single bachelorette! Though this post may not work so well in my favor. Shhh…

1. Crazy Cat Lady Hoodie via Etsy- at this point, everyone knows it… might as well wear it loud and proud, amirite? (Or something like that.)

2. Cat in the Act Earrings via Modcloth- cute but not toooo crazy. Might be a nice accessory with the Crazy Cat Lady Hoodie though, really round out that outfit as you’re taking Fluffy for her daily walk.

3. Crafting with Cat Hair via Amazon (affiliate link, if you’re crazy enough to buy it)- I think the title for that one speaks for itself. Definite crazy cat lady material there. Possibly crossing over into cat hoarder territory.

4. Preppy cat by Budi Satria Kwan via Society 6- the coolest thing about Society 6 is that once you find a piece of *original* artwork that you love, you can get it on a print, iphone case, or even a pillow. I happen to think Preppy Cat would make a fab throw pillow.

5. Meowy Christmas Shirt via Ugly Sweater Tees- not only is this a great take on the ugly sweater tradition for your favorite cat lady (or gent), but 100% of the proceeds go to the APA of Missouri, and you get free 2-day FedEx shipping, in case you forgot to get a gift for your crazy cat lady aunt.  TOTAL win.


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