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Just look at the title for this post… I mean, does a post from me really need any more explanation than that? I probably could have done an entire “Ampersand Fanatics” gift guide, but for your sakes, figured I should keep the ampersand obsession limited to just one (this time, anyways!)
1. And Another? Ampersand Bottle Opener via FredFlare – dude… ampersands and beer. Say what?!
2. Pantone Storage Box via Pantone- just look at the color, and then look around my website. Need I say more? Plus, designers pretty much have to love anything Pantone. It’s just an unspoken (and relatively expensive) rule.
3. MoH Band USB Flash drive Wristband via Amazon (affiliate link)- 8gb USB flash drive that you can wear on your wrist, on your purse, on your keyring? Perfect. Most days, I’d lose my head if it weren’t attached to my shoulders, so this is the perfect gadget for designers carting around files from one place to another. Easy peasy.
4. White Poster via Good Fucking Design Advice- I have this poster hanging above my desk and it’s really just freaking brilliant. They even have a “family friendly” version now that’s censored out the f-bombs, ha. It’s got some great advice, and the added shock value for when people visit is always fun.
5. 5 O’Clock Wall Clock via Moma- it’s always 5 O’clock somewhere, and at least with this beautifully minimal clock, you can count down the hours until it’s 5 o’clock for you… and then bust out that ampersand bottle opener!

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0 thoughts on “Gift Guide- Design Fanatics”

  1. You SHOULD do an ampersand gift guide. Did you see the awesome marquee light one on fab the other day? I was *thisclose* to getting it.

    1. Oh girl. Every time there’s an ampersand ANYWHERE, I want it. Though strangely, it’s not my favorite punctuation mark… design-wise, it is, but name-wise, the interrobang takes the cake (what a great band name!)

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