#SMcleanse: Unplugging in the Face of Tragedy

I don’t want to become a “Tragedy Blogger”- but I felt like this was an important post to write…if for no other reason than to get the emotions out. Once again, after today’s tragic events in CT, I felt completely hopeless, shocked, and overwhelmed, to say the least. I spent a good part of the day curled up with my cat in bed obsessively reading the news, the tweets, the Facebook posts once I saw what had happened… feeling just a whole lot of numb inside. I’d slept in this morning but it took until about 2pm — before then, I was tweeting, signing petitions, seeing what I could do for relief efforts, retweeting, reposting, reading, but not really absorbing– for me to realize what I was doing. I had let myself become so sucked into the social media “news” cycle that everything else around me had ceased to matter. I hadn’t even gotten up to eat, my phone was at 10% battery, but I was so gripped and horrified by this story that I had to do SOMETHING about it…which for me, translated into an OCD social media spiral.
So this weekend, I’m attempting a 2 day unplugging. I may hop on chat from time to time, but I’m going to avoid talking about the tragedy, about gun control, about why we need better mental health services — all things I could go on forever and a day about– online, because I saw it starting to draw me in to that social media black hole again. There are millions of other people who will be doing that, and I’m sure there’s a good percentage more qualified to be doing so than me (and a good percentage less qualified as well, but they’ll always be the loudest ::cough::Huckabee::) The point is, sometimes, tragedy strikes, and as much as social media can be your community/tribe/solace, it can also be and feed your addiction, and that’s when it’s time to pull the plug for a bit. Tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating Hanukkah… and hoping for some peace, both inner, and in the world…with my family. I hope the rest of you will be getting some time with your loved ones as well and maybe unplugging. As much as they say that’s what this season is about, isn’t that what life should be about, spending time with the people you love? Life is just too damn short to count on anything. Make the most of every second that you get (even when they’re driving you crazy.)

I’ll leave you with this really inspiring quote to think on and this gorgeous photo, attribution below. I’d like to think it’s a good way of looking at life, no matter what comes our way. And let me know if you decide to unplug- maybe I’ll even see some of you in real life 🙂

Attribution: Winter by hanspoldoja via Flickr

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