Lindsay Goldner Headshot 2018

Hi! I'm Lindsay Goldner...

designer, creative, and occasional cat herder.​

I’m a designer and illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. I create work that is both strategic and sassy, playful and practical, and my work is known for bright colors, bold patterns, puns, and a whole lot of heart.


In 2010, I graduated from UC Berkeley with dual degrees in English and American Studies (with a focus on media and public perception). Since then, I’ve worked with clients from personal chefs and self-published authors to cannabis non-profits to Google and Popsockets. I love working on a variety of projects with wildly different clients, putting to use my complementary creative skills. On any given day that might include designing a brand identity, designing a WordPress website, illustrating a pattern collection, or art directing a photoshoot. When I’m not working, you can find me doing yoga, drawing at a local coffee shop, trying my hand at a new recipe, or listening to Broadway musicals.


Currently, I’m on the hunt for full time, in-house or contract work (or remote arrangements). See more on what I’m looking for in an employer here. In the meantime, I’m taking on new clients and can be found working from my home base in Portland, Oregon.

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Have a random question? Burning need to tell me something? Want to talk about a full time opportunity? Email me here.