Becca Gordon

A lunar-inspired brand identity and website for a womxn’s health and lifestyle coach.


-Art Direction
-Web Design
-Print/digital Design


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How to rebrand a successful doula as a womxn's coach with a variety of services and offerings to people at various stages in their lives?

THE Challenge:

To design a modern yet mystical, feminine but not frilly brand, and a seamless web experience for finding information, booking courses, creating community and buying products.

Becca Gordon is a women’s coach, educator, doula, and speaker in Los Angeles, CA. Her primary goal was to bring her knowledge from years of experience as a doula, yogi, and women’s health educator together with her coaching services and handmade products to create a modernized, cohesive brand. Most importantly, she wanted to create a space for community and an inclusive environment to guide women through various life stages. For this project, I worked with Barbara Barnes Garvesteijn of Socialnesss Agency, who managed the content and timelines, and Jennifer Andrew of Earl Grey Creative, our knowledgeable and speedy developer.

We knew we’d need to strike a balance between the traditionally more bohemian, mystical aesthetic often associated with doulas and natural healing for women with a clean and contemporary aesthetic that would built trust and establish expertise. We’d also need to develop a unique identity to stand out amongst the many other women’s coaches/lifestyle guru brands, which are often very feminine or lacking a strategic visual identity altogether. Becca also had goals for an extensive WordPress website overhaul, initially including over 50 interior pages ranging from service offerings (in-person individual coaching, in-person services, group coaching), to e-commerce.

Becca Gordon Braindump | Lindsay Goldner @ No Fonts Given Co

The client's original brainstorm for the website content. We needed to create a simpler user experience while thinking about the journey through booking, ecommerce, and future online course offerings.

Becca Gordon Revised Site Map | Lindsay Goldner @ No Fonts Given Co

My first round at creating a simplified, streamlined sitemap. Ultimately, we combined many of the subpages by creating collapsible sections rather than individual pages.

the solution:

An inclusive brand for womxn in various life stages, and a strategically-designed web experience centered around community, learning, and healing.

We began with the rebrand, where we quickly settled on a custom wordmark with lunar motifs that echoed both the transitional life phases that her clients experience, and muted palette with colors echoing both nature and traditionally feminine tones to appeal to her target demographic without being overly feminine or, conversely, too


We paired her logo with 2 other fonts that would be used throughout her brand and website: a clean minimalist sans serif for titles to carry through the overall contemporary look and feel, paired with a more classic serif body font, which created contrast, and with it, a feeling of traditionalism and reliability.


The brand’s foundation was then built out through a set of coordinating elements: custom patterns, graphic elements for the websites, an alternate mark that would later serve as her site’s favicon and part of the illustration on her business cards, and additional alternate forms of her logo, which could ultimately be used for packaging, collateral, or social media. 


For the website, the most crucial steps included simplifying the original sitemap and streamlining the user experience. In working with my client, developer and project manager, I ultimately concluded that combining many of the individual “sub-pages” for single courses or offerings into unified higher level pages. This created a smoother browsing experience and less steps for her potential clients to see information about potential offerings, products, etc., before they booked or purchased them.

Becca Gordon Website Design | Lindsay Goldner @ No Fonts Given Co
Becca Gordon Product Packaging Design | Lindsay Goldner @ No Fonts Given Co
Becca Gordon Branding + Web Design

Interior page layouts from the site. We made use of collapsible information sections to combine large amounts of information on the top level page: coaching, circles (group coaching), care (one-on-one services), etc. We also used sliders to display the many glowing instances of social proof that Becca had received from past clients on her home and about pages. 

Becca Gordon Website Interior 2 | Lindsay Goldner @ No Fonts Given Co