Green: Cannabis Branding & Design

An energetic cannabis brand eschewing stoner stereotypes


-Art Direction
-Web Design
-Surface Patterns

Green Cannabis Branding and Website | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co

How to give a cannabis design company an untraditional and fun identity that doesn't look like other cannabis brands?

THE Challenge:

Breaking from conventional cannabis imagery to create a bright, modern cannabis design agency brand identity and website

In 2016, voters put recreational and medical cannabis laws on the ballot in 8 states (in addition to more than 20 states that currently had legalized medical use only at the time.) At that time, I saw a growing need for design services approached from a practical and strategic standpoint to differentiate businesses in a rapidly expanding marketplace.

I also noticed that the industry was one in which women had the potential to reach wage parity (despite women only making up 27% of the industry as of 2017). So, while making the move from Los Angeles to Portland in the summer of 2016, I decided to launch a dedicated arm of my business devoted solely to branding and design for cannabis businesses. 

Green Cannabis Business Cards | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co
Green Cannabis Brand Design Example | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co

the solution:

Use bright colors, geometric elements, and tropical flair combined with cheeky copy for a lively brand and web presence.

Green by Lindsay Goldner Creative (now NFGco!) was inspired by the bright kelly green of my core brand palette (as seen throughout this site), infused with a tropical burst of chartreuse and salmon to give it a bright, energetic vibe. The logo, website, and geometric graphic accents are inspired by natural elements in an abstracted way – which, in combination with the name, color palette, and clever puns help the client think “cannabis” without relying solely on traditional cannabis industry colors or symbols and create a playful, upbeat aesthetic.


The website was a minimal yet highly functional landing page, from which potential clients could access a PDF of my services with more information, click through to my portfolio, contact me via email, or connect with me on social media. 


Now, Green is part of the NFGco brand, as I’ve since seen the value of unifying my services, and realized that cannabis design won’t scare away quality clients! Sales of CBD are predicted to hit $22 billion by 2022, and increased legalization and movements to dismiss marijuana-related sentences are gaining traction in many states – so I have hope that working with this industry and normalization of cannabis as well as the crucial commitment to fighting the War on Drugs will only continue in the next few years. In the meantime, I remain committed to lifting up underrepresented minorities in the industry, and to helping correct the injustices perpetrated by the War on Drugs. If you’re a cannabis brand founded/run by a member(s) of a marginalized population, let’s talk about how I can support you!

Green Cannabis Stationery Flat Lay | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co
Green Cannabis Packaging Design Example 1 | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co
Green Cannabis Packaging Design Example 2 | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co