Le'Or Cannabis Seder

Bringing to life a non-traditional Passover Seder through modern design


-Art Direction

-Print Design

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Le'Or Cannabis Seder Hagaddah Cover | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co

THE Challenge:

Roy and Claire Kaufmann of the non-profit organization Le’Or sent a tweet in early 2017 about a project that was as unusual as it was intriguing: they were planning a cannabis Passover dinner (Seder), and could I/would I want to design the haggadah to go with it?  In a traditional Seder, Jewish people tell the story of Jews’ exodus from slavery in Egypt, drink wine, eat traditional foods, sing songs, and read out of the haggadah– the text that includes the Passover story. 

What made this Seder particularly unique was that instead of the traditional 4 glasses of wine, they substituted 4 bowls of cannabis, and incorporated aspects of social justice throughout the Seder: talking about drug policy reform, the need for decriminalization, the disproportionate rates of imprisonment of people of color for drug-related crimes, etc. All of these themes tied in perfectly with the traditional Jewish Passover themes of struggle and banding together to overcome adversity. 

Le'Or Cannabis Seder Table | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co
Le'Or Cannabis Interior| Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co

the solution:

The Kaufmanns wanted a booklet that we could print in grayscale for the dinner, and also to have a color digital version available on their website for people to print and use at their Seders at home across the country. We drew color inspiration from the orange in their logo, and a funkier neon version of the “typical” green used at cannabis events.

We paired the bright color palette with a more traditional font to acknowledge the history and tradition involved in the Passover Seder itself, which also complimented the Hebrew prayers that were sprinkled throughout the Seder.

Guests at the dinner loved the design of the haggadah, and the dinner itself was a resounding success, with many connections made and guests talking at the end of the night about how it could be replicated for future Jewish holidays.


Update: in 2018, the Kaufmanns held another successful Seder in Los Angeles, with an updated version of the haggadah.

Le'Or Cannabis Seder | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co

Me reading a portion of the Hagaddah aloud at the 2017 Seder in Portland, OR