Optima Massage

Combining natural elements with saturated colors for a modern, minimalist massage therapist brand


-Art Direction
-Web Design
-Web Development

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Optima Massage Responsive WordPress Website Design | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co

Designing a inviting and effective wellness brand in the heart of California's wine country

THE Challenge:

How to show the warmth and vibrancy of the Optima Massage brand, while also designing a high-converting website that stands out from its competitors?​

Carl Duggan is a Sonoma, CA-based massage therapist who blends warmth, and a genuine desire to help his patients with extensive training and decades of experience. He came to me looking for an updated brand identity and website overhaul. 

He specifically wanted to stay away from the overly-feminine branding that many health and wellness businesses have, and as his studio is located in one of California’s primary wine regions, put forth a contemporary and sophisticated appearance that would appeal to potential clients.

the solution:

Modern minimalism meets healing

To update his branding, we began with a minimalist logo and monogram combination in a lightweight, contemporary sans serif wordmark. I then created a style tile (see above) to build out the brand and guide direction for the web design: shades of blue and teal, plant photography, custom brand photos, and a bright gradient as an accent element. While the plant photography brought in the calm and compassionate side of the business, it’s made truly minimalist and contemporary with the color palette and clean fonts.

To increase conversions for both newsletter signups and client bookings, we included multiple opportunities for clients to sign up for Carl’s mailing list or book appointments throughout the website. We included specific information pages for SEO purposes, client testimonials for social proof, 

Optima Massage Logo Design | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co
Optima Massage Brand Design Flatlay | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co