Pop Fizz Sparkle

A millennial-focused paper and gift e-commerce shop with no shortage of sass and wordplay


-Art Direction
-Web Design
-Web Development

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Pop Fizz Sparkle Brand Flatlay | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co

I wanted to "own my weird" in the form of a gift and card shop

THE Challenge:

Branding and building a business – and products – that appeal to a debt-riddled generation in an already crowded market

In high school and college, I worked in paper and gift shops, but my love of pretty gift items and printed paper supplies (especially those with sassy sayings) started long before. Every time I’d walk into another shop with bright and funky products, I’d walk out going “gah, I could make that!” One day, I decided that I actually could make that…and Pop Fizz Sparkle was born.

In planning out my first holiday card lines, I wanted to make products with minimal and bold designs, fun Hanukkah cards and neutral winter cards to help fill the gap in the market that is still largely filled with Christmas cards. I knew I wanted to appeal to millennials and Gen X, and to let my sense of irreverence shine through.

Pop Fizz Sparkle Holiday Business Cards | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co
Pop Fizz Sparkle Holiday Cards 1 | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co
Pop Fizz Sparkle Holiday Cards 2 | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co
Pop Fizz Sparkle Mugs | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co

the solution:

Pop Fizz Sparkle’s brand needed to reflect the modern and sassy content of the brand’s products, while also appealing to its target demographic: millennials who appreciate the value of great design, American-made cards or gift items, and have nostalgia for things like 90’s lyrics. What better combination than gold, glitter, and a clean geometric typeface to tie it all together? The accent green came from its parent brand to build brand cohesion (a color you’ll also find throughout this site!) and custom illustrations added an additional level of interest to an otherwise minimalist homepage.

Carrying the idea of play, sass, and quirk through to the products, I used nostalgic lyrics, puns, and neon colors for the first line of holiday cardsOriginally, Pop Fizz Sparkle was created as an e-commerce solution built (hand-crafted and lovingly hand-coded) on WordPress + Woocommerce, and my cards were even featured on Buzzfeed! The original shop is on hiatus, as maintaining inventory and shipping in addition to running a separate design business is a lot of work for one person, but I do have a new shop featuring my pattern work here, and goals to expand my product offerings again in the near future! 


Pop Fizz Sparkle Website | Lindsay Goldner - No Fonts Given Co